Zach + Shelby

... high school sweethearts turned husband and wife! These two knew it was forever for a while. They said their vows on May 28, 2022, but before they did that, we got together a had a First Look Session! This is where you take your "First Look" with your groom and do it before the wedding day. These two chose to meet me in Memphis and shoot this session at the Botanic Gardens! Though we didn't have any golden light, we did have the best conditions. It only really started raining as soon as we left - Thank you, God!

It was a sweet day when I was so thrilled to hire my friend Adalenne of Cine Garden Film Co. to come out and help me! I built a package for The Newlyweds where I would return them some beautiful photos as well as a sweet film they'd be able to show at their wedding! I edited everything, but I couldn't shoot it all; queue Adalenne!

We all had an amazing time hanging out and creating these sweet moments. Be sure to check out their official wedding post once it goes live! Till then, enough this amazing First Look session!

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The Film

Had to stop for a selfie!