Caleb + Gweyn Elizabeth

Most people would probably recommend you get engaged and give yourself about 8 months to a year to plan your wedding right? Well, Gweyn Elizabeth, and Caleb practically planned theirs in no time - or around 3-4 months! Oh man, and was it a great one! It was filled with the Lord, and their love for one another, and incorporated unique pieces of Russian culture since that's where Gweyn Elizabeth was originally born.

I didn't actually meet Caleb until the wedding day but he had such a positive attitude and happy energy to be around. He and Gweyn Elizabeth are such an amazing match together, it was just an honor to be there for their perfect wedding day. Scroll down to see some photos from their perfect day and even some beautiful bridal shots of Gweyn Elizabeth we took instead of doing an engagement session!

Help me celebrate the Franklins!!

Gweyn Elizabeth's Bridal Portraits

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