"How do you become a wedding videographer?"

Well, start shooting videos. Start by offering to video for your friend's weddings. Go from there! As you grow and learn one friend's wedding will lead to two other friend's weddings, until you get to the point where you're working for your friend's sister's sorority sister's cousin! Or something like that.

Catherine and I go BACK playing soccer from very young ages together. I knew majority of her bridesmaids from school as well! Her bridesmaid, Abby, was actually the third or fourth person who I ever videoed a wedding for. I received about three or four clients after Abby's video was put out (see blog post Pontotoc, MS // The Davis' Elegant Church Wedding // Blake + Abby).

Getting your friends to recommend you is more about the experience you create from booking to delivery. Sometimes it's just knowing your clients and intentionally doing what you can to work with good people. The Sullivan's are good people. Check out their film below!