I hope that at the end of every journey with my clients, that I'm able to find friendship like I have with Cameron and Serenity. From being some of my first clients to book me about a year out from their wedding, to using me for engagement photos and a few other type of sessions before AND after their wedding, I'd say the amount of gratitude I have for them is beyond anything I ever thought I could feel.

From the get go they've been supportive of me. Serenity comes knowing exactly what she wants, but also gives me the trust that every creative person hopes to have with their clients. They go along with what I ask them to do as well as are very honest if I put them in a pose they might be uncomfortable with. The communication is honest and loving and everyone should work with clients like the Pierce's!

Cheers to their wedding day coming and going and to all the life they'll walk through together! Cheers to the Pierces!