Matt + Hanna

... were newly engaged and trying to plan a quick wedding! They were slaying the whole process until wedding months arrives, nay wedding week, and the couple came down with COVID-19. It was awful!! We were all so sad when their original wedding date came and went, but luck had it that January 21, 2022, was actually the day made especially for them. So we celebrated!! Hanna dreamed up the most beautiful wedding with a beach floral theme all while sporting her gray uggs throughout the day!

Though I was told Matt wasn't one for taking many pictures, he was such a great sport throughout the day, giving Hanna whatever shots she was down for and we created magic! God lit up the sky giving us a golden hour that you won't believe! I will forever be blessed by the fact that our paths crossed so I could serve them as their Wedding Photographer!

Cheers to the Chandlers!!

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Hanna's Bridals!

With their wedding being planned within a tight window, they had already had their engagement photos taken care of. Since their package included an engagement session, Hanna asked if we could swap that for some bridal photos. I said, of course, we can! We had such a beautiful day gifted to us at the Robinshaw. Here's a few from that day!

Capturing Memories

Okay, an iPhone is still expensive but you get the message right? Live in the moment. Let's be besties!

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Not every shot is made with an expensive lens