Carson + Marleigh

They met during freshman year of college about 5 years ago (previous to 2022). Their relationship started out slow with our friendship developing first. They realized they were best friends and never wanted to be apart. They knew early on that we wanted to spend forever with each other, but they finally were engaged the day after Christmas of 2021. They planned their wedding in Starkville to bring their relationship around full circle by getting married on Mississippi State University's campus.

These two came to me through a mutual vendor friend (I see you Sarah Baxter Co!!). Man, am I so glad we got together! These two have so much happiness and joy radiating through them, you can't help but smile when you're hanging out together! Their wedding day was just joyous between both them and their families and friends. Scroll down to see more of the smiles from their perfect wedding day!

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A Few Bridal Photos

Marleigh, her mom, and I got together at the Chapel of Memories to take some Bridal Photos. Marleigh's dress was so perfectly fit for her and her personality. It was beautiful, elegant, and just all the things that are lovely! Here's a few shots from our time spent together!