Bubba + Kalen

They met at an event at their local school. Tunica is a small town, Kalen tells me, and most things happening are either at the church or at the local school! Neither of them has kids, but that's where the locals would go out to have a good time. When Kalen saw Bubba from afar, she made a move. It's been a true love story since! Bubba even took her diamond hunting in Arkansas and made sure she didn't leave that experience without one. She was so surprised and so ready to start their new life together!

Kalen was excited by my more light and airy approach to my photos and videos, which is why she booked me for both Photo and Video! I knew exactly who to hire to help me bring all her light and airy dreams to life and that was Britton Webb of Britton Lee Films! We are a dream team if there ever was one! On June 4, 2022, we all gathered in Tunica, MS to capture these two getting married and the rest is documented below!

Be sure to check it all out! :) If you're interested in hiring me for your Photography, Videography, OR Photo + Video needs be sure to reach out here!

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The Wedding Video

So, I've officially added a Photo + Video all-inclusive package. Now, this package is limited because at the time of posting this blog, I do not have an official videographer as part of the team and so each person who books this package could have a different videographer as I hire on some of my super talented Videographer Friends to help me build out this package.

At this event, I was assisted by Britton of Britton Lee Films based out of Nashville. She's at the top of my list when I have this package booked and she nailed it for the Blaylocks! So be sure to check out their film below!