Anything for Family

As a new Photographer, you rely on family and friends to really help propel you to the next level. You hope the people closest to you are willing to trust you with big tasks and take care of their hopes and dreams. This was one of those opportunities for me. John Austin, the groom, is my cousin and we used to camp out in our grandparents living room when we were little. There were a lot of boys around and even though I was the oldest, I believe this contributed big time to my tom-boy way of life.

Go-Cart riding, fishing, and other things and here we were on June 6, 2020 ready to get the second oldest cousin married to the love of his life, Libba. Yes, this blog is a little behind, but better late than never, am I right? Scroll through to see some of the beautiful work we all collaborated on as they got married on his dad's hunting land and cabin. It was had the perfect mix of cool summer and Mississippi Humidity, but it was surrounded and socially-distanced with family and friends who were ready to celebrate the Taylors!